The Many Different Types of Ticks

Did you know that several types of tick species are out there waiting to make a blood meal out of you? Most people do not realize the sheer number of ticks out there but should. Now you can learn more about the various tick species below.

Deer Tick: This tick is the most common in Waterford.  It can transmit bacteria that cause Lyme disease, B. mayonii, and Borrelia burgdorferi. Muscle aches, headaches, and fever and chills are among the symptoms of a bite from the deer tick. The deer tick causes about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease each year.

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Lone Star Tick: The Lone Star Tick is an aggressive tick that humans should fear. This tick can transmit many different types of bacteria that lead to disease.  You can identify this tick by the white dot on its back. This is known as the lone star.

American Dog Tick: The American dog tick can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This dark brown tick is most active during the summer and the spring seasons. 

Brown Dog Tick: Another tick that can transmit disease to humans is the brown dog tick. This tick prefers your dog but will settle for a human drink of blood. Check your pets for the brown dog tick regularly. They can transmit many different illnesses.

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: Since these tick habitats in the Rocky Mountains in 4,000 feet or higher elevations, this one isn’t a real danger. But, if you travel, be aware that it is there. You can develop Rocky Mountain spotted fever and/or Colorado Tick fever if bitten.

This list includes some of the more dangerous tick species out there that you should concern yourself with. Be sure to reduce the risk of a tick problem or any tick danger by scheduling residential tick control waterford.